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I downgraded to FF 56. After install, it AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to FF 69.

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I downgraded to FF 56. After install, it AUTOMATICALLY upgraded to FF 69. I DON'T WANT THAT. How do I kill 69 and operate under 56. I do NOT WANT preaching or telling me why not to do it....I'm a big boy...just tell me how to do it.

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Hi MajorOz1,

Warning: Using old versions of Firefox poses a significant security risk.

Here is a knowledge based article for what you are looking for. Check under I still want to downgrade — where can I get the previous version? Install an older version of Firefox {link}

Here is a link to all the different versions. You will find 56 Here. {link} and a list for all versions: Index of /pub/firefox/releases/ {link}

Hope this helps, let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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Those are the links I followed and what I did.


When it opened..........IT AUTOMATICALLY UPGRADED TO 69.

(yes.......everything was already set to DO NOT AUTOUPDATE)

It did it anyway.

THAT is the crux of the question.

(sorry that is not on your checklist)

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First, follow these instructions. Then install the old version. (I am still using v54 as my primary)

How do you completely turn off update checks in Firefox v64? You can use a policies.json file to disable updates for all users. https://github.com/mozilla/policy-templates/blob/master/README.md or https://winaero.com/blog/disable-updates-firefox-63-above/