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Auto-toggle light/dark theme based on system theme

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I am using Firefox 69.0 on macOS, and have a system set up that changes the system theme to Dark Mode after sunset (and vice versa on sunrise). I am aware that the Firefox Default theme adjusts to the system theme automatically, but a minor difference between the Light theme and the Default theme (during the day) is that in the Default theme the tabs remain dark, as opposed to white in the Light theme (see uploaded images). I believe this is intended behavior, and somewhat a pet peeve for me, but nevertheless feel like there should be a workaround for this. Essentially, my question is two-fold:

1) Is it possible to edit the Default theme's light/day setting so that the tabs appear white as well?

2) If not, then I want to use the Light theme during the day and the Dark theme during the night, but want to auto-toggle between the two, similar to the case in the Default theme. Is it possible to configure this in Firefox, or is there a reliable add-on/script that can manage this.

Thanks in advance!

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