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send tab to device doesn't work

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I can send from iPhone to desktop no problem. But Desktop to iPhone never works. both are connected and synced. tried disconnecting and re-syncing, but still no. If i keep the page open on desktop i can find it in the Library on iPhone. but that's kinda long-winded when it should be much easier.

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Do you see this device in the Send to Device menu?

You can look in "History -> Synced Devices" on the mobile device. I assume that this is the same on iPhone as on Android.

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Yes. I can click "Send to iPhone" but the tabs don't show up. Yes, it's listed as available. Yes are all on my account and Synced. Again, iPhone to desktop works perfectly. but not iPhone to desktop.

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Yeah, I send documents and photos from my smartphone to my laptop or desktop. But primarily when I used the internet I faced a problem. Whenever I used to send a photo, I noticed that a confirmation form resubmission problem came. It was not so easy to overcome that error. I researched a lot to overcome that. If you also face the same error of confirm form resubmission confirm form resubmission, at the time of sending files then you can browse.

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I also have the exact same problem. I can send from iPhone to desktop, but cannot send from desktop to iPhone.

Everything is synced correctly, and I can send data back and forth between both devices with other programs/apps.

Is there a fix out there for this?

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Me too - very frustrated.

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I select "Send Tab to Device" both ways specified in the Help section (referenced by "cor-el" earlier in this thread), my iPhone shows in the list, I click that and get the little blue popup message saying "✓ Sent!", but the tab does not open on my iPhone, even after closing FF app & reopening.

Has anybody from Firefox/Mozilla's Dev Team or troubleshooting related Users/Mods (besides Mod "cor-el") read this post, cuz this thread is just short of 6 months old at this time of my reply.

Usually I can find answers to more advanced &/or complex issues I'm troubleshooting, but for some reason, this issue seems like it's being ignored or something.

Can somebody that actually knows something in depth about this problem please reply to this thread with some kind of real solution/fix ?

Here's to hoping this works and happens...

I've been growing more and more frustrated with the supposed, so called advancements & improvements made to Firefox in the last few years which seem to have just gotten further away from the reasons I started using Firefox so many years ago.

It's been more than 15 years that I've been using Firefox and used to enjoy the user friendliness, simplicity, customization abilities (part of said simplicity), helpful add-ons, etc...so many things about this Browser I used to find so helpful & useful have been changed &/or removed including a handful of simple customization, or other options/settings, have made me start to feel somewhat jaded, which I really hate to feel.

That jaded feeling of dissatisfaction generally (comes from, or) happens when big companies start prioritizing quantity & profits over quality & user happiness/comfort/enjoyment with a product or service that really needs no improvement or advancement at a point, or over a given period, of time.

But because of the insatiability, greed &/or various other stupid reasons, these companies come up with &/or decide upon unnecessary, sometimes unrealistic deadlines, in order to keep rushing to introduce, purely for sales & profits, new products &/or services (that often are not quite ready, or at that final stable point they should be in order to be introduced) at a pace so many ordinary people like myself find annoying & unnecessary.

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Try to force a manual Sync on connected mobile devices to see whether that updates the send tab to device list.