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Firefox Sync account keeps logging me out

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Starting within the past week, Firefox logs me out of Sync whenever I close it (and possibly also randomly when I don't log out).

My bookmarks and passwords are still present but I can't, for example, send/receive shared pages from other devices. "Send to another device" appears to work but doesn't actually send until I open the menu and "click here to sign in" (or whatever), then it *instantly* signs in.

I've never used a master password, and Privacy options are set to "Remember History". A couple times recently it's suddenly "forgotten" my device name, so my laptop shows up 4 or 5 times on other devices. I only recently was forced to switch to "stupid Windows 10" which is painful with only 2gb RAM, but I assume that's not related...

In "about:sync-log" there are plenty of "error-sync" log files (I'm not sure whether this is normal, or if there should be zero?)

Here my sync-errror file from today alone: https://pastebin.com/gsUb85tU -- ( potentially identifying data has been {**deleted**}. )

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I think you can try to repair in safe mode


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