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firefox android wont sync completely

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Things I bookmark on android sync onto my windows version, but things i bookmark on windows wont sync to my android device. The only thing i can find anywhere is that firefox wont sync more than 5k bookmarks and i doubt i have much more than 200.

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The synchronization happens entirely over the Internet and doesn't require any cables.

  • 1. Click the “Firefox” menu button in Firefox on your computer. ...
  • 2. Click the “Create a New Account” option to create a new Firefox Sync account. .
  • 3. Install the Firefox app on your Android device.
  • 4. Launch the Firefox app on your Android device and tap the “Set Up Sync” option at the bottom of the start page. You can also swipe from the right side of the screen to the left, tap the gear-shaped icon, and then tap the “Connect” button under Sync. Three four-digit codes will appear on your screen.
  • 5. Click the “Firefox” menu button in Firefox on your computer. Select “Options” and click “Sync” at the top of the Options window.
  • 6. Click the “Pair a Device” link on the Sync pane and type in the three four-digit codes from your Windows Movie Maker . Click “Next.” The Firefox app on your Android will automatically sync with Firefox on your PC.

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I never mentioned cables at all ever. I clearly already have a Firefox sync account since I'm here saying my account isn't working the way it did last week. This in no way addresses my issue. You legitimately didn't read my question at all. you just saw the word sync and cut pasted from FAQ and everyone can see that.