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How do I stop FF from mounting a disk every time I open FF and keep it for asking for new FF profile credentials?

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I downloaded Firefox 67.0.4 for Mac OS, followed instructions to drag the app to the applications folder, and then ejected the disk holding down the control key. Every time I open FF it mounts a disk and makes starting horribly slow. And then of course it's tedious to eject the disk when I'm done with FF. I tried deleting the downloaded dmg file but that doesn't solve the problem. It never did this before I had to download the fixed FF after Mozilla broke all my extensions.

I'm running Mojave 10.14.5 on a 2018 MacBook Pro.

EDITED TO ADD: Why do I keep getting the message "This installation of Firefox has a new profile. It does not share bookmarks passwords, and user preferences with other installations of Firefox... on this computer" and then it makes me put in my FF password new every time I open it after I closed it.

How do I stop this madness?

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