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EBay keeps telling me I need to update my browser. But it is updated. How can this be remedied?

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I sell items on EBay. Recently I keep getting notified that “on June 30th I will no longer be able to use Seller Hub etc. due to outdated browser [see attached screen shot.].”

As far as I can tell, my iPad is totally up to date, and my Firefox browser is up to date, as well.

Perhaps this is just a general warning EBay is generating? Still, it’s obtrusive and annoying at least — but at worst, I don’t want to be stuck come June 30 if the browser no longer works for my selling activities on EBay!

Any help or insight here would be appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

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(Not seeing that attachment in my OP, so am trying here in the reply section. Hope you can see it!)

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Hmm, I'm pretty sure they mean they no longer support the very old Firefox 17 for desktop OSes like Windows/Mac/Linux. That shouldn't affect the iOS version. However, it would be nice if someone from Mozilla could contact someone at eBay about this so they don't alarm users unnecessarily.