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will not accept my written firefox password after 5+ years

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I have been using fire fox for over 5 years. I like it and have been using it exclusively over chrome for much of that time. Now I was bounced out and a new sign was requested instead of just opening up as usual. I went to my password book and typed in the password exactly as written... ERROR: PASSWORD WAS NOT RECOGNIZED. Nothing is written anywhere on this. My only recourse is to reset my password with the possibility of losing data. I will never trust Mozilla to handle all my passwords if this is an example of how they perform.

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What account are you talking about? Have you tried to reset the password?

However, if you are talking about sync;

Resetting the sync password, or changing its e-mail, will remove all data from the servers.

This is a security feature. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/ive-lost-my-firefox-sync-account-information

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  • I’ve forgotten, or don't have access to, my Firefox Account email address
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If you haven't used that ddevice in years then the you likely using the previous Sync version that has been retired years ago and is replaced by a newer Sync version. You won't be able to use the current Sync version that uses a Firefox Account on that older device if you have an old device that doesn't support this service.

The previously used Sync service that used a Sync key was replaced in September 30, 2015 with the current Sync version that uses a Firefox Account with an email address and password.