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will the add on bug be fixed on OLDER versions of FireFox

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I am sorry to write you all about this seeing as the forums are going about it, but since I cannot find my answer in them (and I seem to be limited to 3 posts due to being a newbie) I figured I would just write in and ask. Will the add on bug thats going on also be fixed for versions such as 52.9.0 (32-bit) which I use. Upgrading to a newer version is not an option for me as i am on an older OS (and my pc is a potato lol) Thanks in advance.

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hi, till now the priority was on fixing currently supported versions. i think there are no concrete plans on how to deal with older versions yet, that is likely something that will be decided during the coming week...

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I see... hmm I better make plans then to possibly need to move to a different browser and remove fireFox then just in case it comes to that :(

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Note for the old EOL Windows XP and Vista you are very limited on web browser options as none of the major web browsers still support XP and Vista.

Chromium, Chrome, Opera dropped support of the EOL XP and Vista back in April 2016.

Firefox 52.9.0esr was Released back on June 26, 2018.

It is possible Mozilla may make an exception with a minor update for the EOL Firefox 52 ESR like say 52.9.1esr to help people get their affected extensions working again.

The issue was not with any Firefox version but with a unintentional situation in which a intermediate certificate that many used had for many extensions and such had expired.

Besides using Windows 7 or later you could consider dual booting with a light 32-bit Linux distro with a light desktop like Xfce. This will allow you to use current Firefox versions and also fully support the HTML5 players many sites use now days.

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Go to about:config

Search for xpinstall.signatures.require

Double click it to set to false.

Wait a few seconds. Your add-on's should come back to life.

My issue was somewhat resolved using

xpinstall.signatures.require = true and setting it to false.

However, now that the disabled add-on's are re-enabled, each of them is highlighted in yellow with an unsupported notification.

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OnThePike said

Go to about:config Search for xpinstall.signatures.require Double click it to set to false.

This introduces the risk of rogue updates, so you should consider also disabling extension auto-updates with this setting so you'll have the opportunity to inspect and reject any questionable extension updates:

extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault => false

With that setting, when an update is detected, a new category will appear on the Add-ons page listing available updates.

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See also Mozilla Add-ons on Twitter: "The current plan is to push an update to update versions older than 64, but the current ETA is sometime Monday"