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I keep getting notices from various websites saying that they will soon reject “outdated, unsecured browsers” like Firefox. ???

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What’s happening that I keep getting these warnings?

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Hi Jass1, are you getting this message when you visit the sites using Firefox for iOS on your phone/tablet, or when you visit the sites using a desktop/laptop computer (Windows, Mac, Linux)?

(Not sure if it's an "April Fool's" prank or something else.)

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The message is on my iPhone or iPad. On my pc it usually just freezes and if I call customer service I’m told I need to use a different browser. That’s been happening for months but lately I’m told Firefox won’t work after June, e.g., on eBay.

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eBay won't support Firefox any more after June? Firefox is on their recommended browser list: https://www.ebay.com/help/policies/resolving-technical-issues/technical-issues?id=4220

I read that eBay will stop allowing TLS 1.0 connections, and possibly TLS 1.1 connections. No worries: Firefox on PCs has supported TLS 1.2 connections for a long time, so you should be fine. (This assumes you haven't gone into the settings and disabled TLS 1.2, which most likely you haven't.)

Firefox on iOS uses components provided by Safari, so I can't say for sure how that works.

In both cases, you can use the PayPal test page to see whether TLS 1.2 is supported: https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/article/how-do-i-check-and-update-my-web-browser-faq3893

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So I was trying to check out on a website (gekks) using PayPal and it just spooled endlessly, so I called customer service and they said I needed to use safari or google chrome, which I won’t.

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How do we reach the correct Firefox tech support to resolve eBay claiming my updated Firefox IOS version 18.1 is outdated?

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Hi bellalupo, I don't know how eBay's script decides which browser to call outdated.

Here are two things you could try:

(1) Submit a web compatibility report


(2) File a Firefox for iOS bug


Ultimately, someone may need to reach out to eBay/PayPal to clear it up.