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Set default window size

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I love FF and have used it for many years. However, every time I open it, I have to adjust the initial window size and then at least 1 more new window. I am using 65.0.2 64 bit on a Windows 7 machine. I was reading and saw a suggestion to use the command line switches to set the window width and height. So I made a shortcut with the target line as "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -height 850 -width 1800. This doesn't work. So what am I doing wrong or is there an easier way to accomplish this? I am very surprised that there is nothing in the about:config that would allow this type of customization. I also am baffled at what window size is presumed by FF.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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myPalabok said

for testing, i toggled privacy.resistFingerprinting to true again and my window size problem came back.

this is dangerous. seems quality control for the browser is lagging.

Why is it dangerous??

The privacy.resistFingerprinting preference is designed to fake out websites with inconsistent or false information, including window dimensions, to make your Firefox less recognizable as the guy from yesterday and last week. I guess that's why Firefox doesn't size windows the way it normally does and you may see more random sizing. I personally consider everything related to this resistFingerprinting preference to be experimental and potentially unhelpful, but it is still under development so hopefully it will improve in the future.

By the way, do you prefer a particular window size/shape or do you generally maximize the Firefox window?

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I never maximize the FF window, I want the corners set to match the inside of my laptop screen corners. The FF writers need to get on the stick and fix this issue.

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RHB10 said

I never maximize the FF window, I want the corners set to match the inside of my laptop screen corners.

What difference do you notice between stretching the window to use the whole space and using the maximize button?

On Firefox 68, if I stretch the window to fill the whole space while keeping it a resizable window (not maximizing), then exit out of Firefox, at the next startup, the window size is retained but there is a 5 pixel offset on the left side, like space is being left for an invisible window border. This might be a Windows 10 thing.

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Hi J,

Starting by opening FF (it remembers a bigger window than I had set) if I click the Maximize button the window grows even more. Now that I have seen this behavior, I believe the window size I set is trying to grow to the maximize window size each time I open FF.

This is amazing, but does not fix the issue.


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RHB10 said

One thing I have noticed is that the opening FF windows grows to the upper left of the screen until it is off screen and then after several starts grows to the bottom right until it is off screen.

This is what puzzles me most - and I am hoping that jscher2000 will know what's causing it ..... (the window behavior, that is)

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