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Bookmarks are hard to find

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I have had this issue for years now. I love firefox, but you guys have to fix this. It's as unacceptable as Steam having no volume button on game trailers for years.

I want to see my bookmarks with the click of a mouse. Not my recent bookmarks. Not my recent highlights. Not my bookmarks toolbar. Just. My. Bookmarks.

It's the most important browsing function right after back, forward, search/web bar and tabs. It's utterly, utterly unacceptable that I can't access my bookmarks with one click.

I'm not going to mod it or download an app. As far as I'm concerned, this is a bug that hasn't been fixed in years. Please get it together.

With all my frustrated love, Redtail

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Here's a few ideas that may make it easier for you to access your entire set of bookmarks.

The main bookmarks button for a menu drop-down in Firefox 57 and later versions is truncated and doesn't show any bookmarks folders, just Recent Highlights. There is also a multiple panel slider menu setup that is operated by the > & < (arrows) for the menu items to view the various menu for each menu item that appears.

Very different from previous versions - but that can easily be corrected.

1. Open the Bookmarks Sidebar using {Ctrl + B} or via the Show Sidebars button to view your bookmarks there.

2. Or hit the Alt key to open the Menu Bar and use the Bookmarks drop-down from the Menu Bar.

3. To "restore" the previous type of Bookmarks drop-down menu see this support article. https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/bookmarks-firefox#w_how-do-i-add-the-bookmarks-menu-button-to-the-toolbar

4. Or if you are familiar with using the Customize feature for the Toolbars, open it and drag the Bookmarks Menu button to the Toolbar. That button has a Star above a "tray.

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Thank you for the reply.

If people at Firefox don't see what's the problem with something so convoluted required to see your bookmarks, I am really worried about how the company will deal with actual problems.

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Which of my 4 suggestions did you find works best for you?

You may feel the situation is a "problem" and needs to be changed, but what the developers did was what they considered an improvement to Firefox. Don't worry, they'll change it once again in a few years - probably for a scheme that is even worse or harder to rationalize what they were thinking With computer software the only constant is that it will eventually changed, and not everyone will be happy with change.

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"You may feel the situation is a "problem" and needs to be changed, but what the developers did was what they considered an improvement to Firefox."

Yeah I'd love to hear the rationale behind that. Would probably blow my mind since I really can't imagine it.

As for what solution I chose, I chose not to do anything and just put up with it until they either fix it or I get a better browser.

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Please provide feedback directly to Mozilla by using the Help > Submit Feedback ... menu item inside of Firefox.