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Where are the downloads located? Using Oculus Go

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1) I am not 100% certain that my content is even downloading. When I click on a link, the URL at the bottom changes for a moment, then reverts to page I am on. I am guessing that maybe that is all that is required to start a download

2) where can I see the Firefox Reality downloads, or even download progress? On built-in Oculus viewer, there is a "window" off to the right where you can see downloads and progress, and they eventually can be used from the Oculus viewer. Doesn't seem to be the case with F.R.

what am I missing?



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I have looked into this and contact the developers who where able to help me find an answer for you.

Downloads are stored at a file location on the device at /sdcard/Android/data/org.mozilla.vrbrowser/files/Download.

There are plans for a better download experiance in Firefox Reality and work is under way for this to arrive in a future update.