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How do I break free of a person who is abusing this knowledge as jealous boyfriend ?

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He has redirected my facebook and all my emails so they go round and round and never recover my passwords. I cant load anything out of the app store or the play store. Says cant deliver verification codes. He freezes my Bank cards so when I go shopping It comes up denied. Please help me. This has been going on for 8 months. He tried to remotely root my S8 I paid $900 for and dead bricked it. Warranty is no good now because of the Root attempt. Please help me somebody!!! I will give u access to anything u need. I have SD cards loaded with all my stuff on his phone. He just smiles and Denies it. Im fixin to go to prison over this because I will kill him if it dont stop

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Hi HarleyQuinnGirl!

Let me just start off by saying: Wow! If this story is indeed true then we completely sympathize with what you're going thru to protect your privacy & fight back. And although the help you need goes outside the scope of these forums, I'll do my best to offer you the best pieces of advice that I can think of at this moment.

First thing, create a completely brand new email account that no one knows about. Use that for your bank accounts & shopping accounts going forwards. Do not tell anyone about this email & do not use it to send emails to any of your previous contacts or friends. You must keep this email 100% isolated from everything & everyone that's not strictly related to banking or shopping (Ex. retail store accounts). And most importantly, make this email have a very random & long password that no one can guess using things they know about you.

Second, walk into your bank in person, and describe your story to the bank associate. Ask for a new card or multiple new cards if you have more than one. Ask the banker if you can also add additional restrictions to your bank account so that might prevent someone else from tampering with it.

More tips here:

Third and lastly, get away from this person by any means. And consider filing a police report. Otherwise no matter what you do, if this person has access to your phone, anything can happen.

If you also had a shared computer (desktop or laptop) or even tablet. Consider those devices insecure & have them wiped by a professional. As they could have spyware on them.

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I assure you this is 100% true. I have been to the bank and changed everything twice. I have been to the Sheriffs Dept and to the Local Police and they seem lost as to what to do. I have been advised to consult the FBI as they specialize in this. My whole life is being turned upside down by this. Everytime I think I have made some headway it comes back with even more devastation. I was planning on moving away from here last month. I was going to load all my stuff in my Horse trailor and just go,,,but suddenly My $20,000 dollar alluminum horse trailor was stolen right out of my driveway. I tried posting it on facebook offering a reward and found out Im the only one who can see it. I was wondering why I didnt get any comments or likes. Apparently he controls what Im allowed to post. Now that Ive noticed that,, I cant get on facebook at all. If I make a fake one...its locked out within about 8 hrs. Theres so much more hes done to my life I havnt even shared here. Its devastating.

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I would definitely have to agree with whoever recommended you go to the FBI. This is a serious crime & I would visit them asap. Once they have the identity of this individual, they can surveil him & his internet activities.

Also if you are creating new Facebook accounts & new email accounts from your house. It's very likely your router/cable modem was hacked by him or someone else. Getting a new router directly from your cable or internet company would be a great start as well. Let them know when you turn it in, it may have been hacked so they don't put it back in circulation.

That's as far as I can go with giving you advise on this. As it's a very complicated matter that's going to take a lot of police work to resolve. But it's best notify them as soon as possible. I wish you a happy new year & hope 2019 can finally bring you some peace & resolution to all this madness.

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I forgot to add these sites in my last reply:

Even consider going to your nearest FBI field office as well. Since the local police dept seem to be no help. Don't give up. You have to remain persistent. If the field office is too far, contact them over the phone or file your case over internet. And I would do all this from a computer not at your house. Go to the library or one of the police stations to finish filing your case online.

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Thank you sooo much for the FBI links. I have been pondering this since it was suggested. I had no idea someone could go to this level of control. I have a huge retention pond in front of my house next to a fire station. My laptop,,, my tablet,, and 6 of my previous phones now live at the bottom of it. I have been an android fan 4 ever...I recently purchased my first iphone due to some friends telling me they couldnt be hacked as easy. Thats an outright lie. He was in that one quicker than the others an actually made it harder for me to access anything. He used a fake security certificate which gave him complete remote access. All the essentials are greyed out so they cant be clicked on or deleted. The main dashboards are hidden in You Tube and Twitter. They come in his emails under the disquise of Uber adds and Lyft adds. They are recording all my keystrokes and my phone calls. I changed and disabled alot of features in his phone to momentarilly buy me some time to set up that private email and seek help here. Soon as he gets it back online I wont be able to respond here Im sure. Thanks so much ahead of time incase I disapear from here. I have about 10 SD cards with everything on his phone I can find copied to them. I am just mentally wore out with this. Only time I can get his phone is when he sleeps which means I sleep very little during the week after searching all avenues. I would normally not put my business out there like this but I am DESPERATE...  :-(