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update broke firefox

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Since updating to Firefox 60.0.03 a ton of websites no longer load, including google, you tube and Facebook. Sites that load have full functionality. I've tried running in safe mode, disabling network filters and security programs and clearing cookies and cashe. Some further advice would be much appreciated as I'm out of ideas.

Thanks. Tim

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Hi Tim, when a site won't load, is there a specific error page you could describe or copy/paste into a reply?

This article has other suggestions: Websites don't load - troubleshoot and fix error messages

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Nope. Just a blank screen. The activity bar at the bottom of the page gets as far as "transfering data from facebook.com" or whatever.

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Note that the current Firefox release is 63.0.3 and Firefox 64.0 will be released next Tuesday.

Try to disable IPv6 (check for other possible causes as well).