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A virus opens at windows start up a Mozilla tab with porn sites and other stuff, and it's colses when I want to maximinize

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Out of nowhere, a Mozilla Firefox opened in fundal with some weird name like wqkt12essddfg34sdsdgdse24awsd42312.... and I couldn't maximize. After like 20 seconds it disappeared. But when I started up my pc the Mozilla tab appeared again, made everything black and I had to restart windows explorer to regain access to my computer.

I tried to scan with Malwarebytes, Bitdefender, Avast, etc and nothing. I reinstalled my windows after I formatted all my hard drive, and after I installed only google chrome and graphics card driver, the Mozilla tab popped up again. And I don't even installed Mozilla Firefox on my new windows. I don't get it. I posted a picture to see that it looks like an old version of Firefox, not a new one.

https://prnt.sc/lh481h https://prnt.sc/lh486b

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FYI that isn't from Mozilla.org but a site faking as Mozilla. You should take it to a computer shop to diagnosis the problem here.