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firefox/duckduckgo warning that youtube is spying on me

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is this warning from firefox or duckduckgo.com? if it's from firefox the warning doesn't work when using firefox and google.com


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Hi AlienLanes, I don't recognize that screen. It seems to be warning you that by loading the video on that page Google will learn that you visited that third party site, which you may or may not want Google to know.

Can you track down its source by using the "Settings" link at the end of the text? You shared your add-ons list (thank you!) and the only active extension is Ghostery, so it could be Ghostery.

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thank you mccoy! so that means this feature doesn't work with chrome and safari (on my mac system at least, or somehow the settings allow no warning.) i wonder since chrome/safari are not opensource that's why duck can't control them/give the warning? i live in a rural red area and can't take a step without hearing gun packing rednecks talking about the constitution, spying... yet all are fine (actually don't know about) with these corporations spying on our every move. why does duck have less than .25% of market share? you would think everyone would be using it especially these freedom/anti spying rednecks! but i guess now that the republican congress authorized the ISP to sell our internet history linked to our true identities what's the use in educating ourselves and resisting? we all should just give up and submit to fascism!

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Hi AlienLanes,

The warning shows up in every browser I've tested so far; since the "remember my choice" box is checked by default, I'm guessing that maybe you've already chosen an option in your other browsers? It looks like you can change the setting back here: https://duckduckgo.com/settings#privacy

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user1929 said

It looks like you can change the setting

That's indeed what it says on the warning, where one can tick the box saying :

" Remember my choice (this can be changed in Settings) "

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