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uploaded Youtube video will not play on browser.

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I've started making some promotional videos for my website recently and me not being the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to computer tech, I ask a lot of questions first before I plunge in.

Now the problem I have here is as seen with some other questions that my browser does not support any of the video formats etc etc, giving me an html 5 error.

My software is Camtasia Studio 8, the exact same as one of my friends use, I had to ask him what format do I use for uploading to Youtube, he said to leave it as the default which was MP4 720p, which I did. After uploading was complete on youtube I got the error message; totally bizarre really because I can see videos he has made quite well, with the same settings. Generally I can see 99% of videos on youtube. (although I cannot see any at all on Dailymotion, but that isn't an issue)

My Browser is Firefox 52.9.0, my operating system is Windows XP.

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It can take some time for YouTube to provide more formats for videos including one that work on Windows XP. Your Windows XP platform doesn't have native support for playing MP4 files at the § level that Firefox relies on. If you have an older version of Google Chrome installed then that can probably play these files, but Firefox doesn't come with MP4 support for licensing reasons.

You can try if the solution posted here to add support for playing MP4 files works for you.