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Make my ipad my master synced device

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My master synced desktop computer crashed. I finally got it working again. In the meantime, I logged into sync on a new iphone and none of my bookmarks from the master synced device showed up (probably because it was down). I have an ipad that has all those bookmarks from the master synced computer. How do I make the ipad the mast synced device, keeping all the bookmarks currently on it?

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There is no master with sync. Any change on one member is shared with all others.

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My bad, I thought I remember designating my desktop the primary device to which my other devices synced to. It was several years ago I set it up. So if a change to any device would change all, why isn’t my new desktop showing all the bookmarks on my iPad? Is there a way to ‘send’ the bookmarks from my iPad to my desktop?

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There is only one way that I know of. Reset the sync password.

Resetting the sync password, or changing its e-mail, will remove all data from the servers.

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I have a similar (if not the same) problem. If I edit my Bookmarks on one of my connected devices - delete and/or rearrange bookmarks - how can I be sure Sync updates the Bookmarks on my other connected devices to be the same as the just updated Bookmarks and doesn't merge them such that deleted Bookmarks get (undesirably) restored, and rearranged Bookmarks don't become duplicated with the previously un-rearranged ones? Can Sync do that or do I need to turn off Sync, then copy my edited Bookmarks file and paste it onto my other devices overwriting the old Bookmarks files on them?