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How to disable immediate navigation when drag-and-drop URL or text into address bar?

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For firefox 63, when I drag-and-drop URL or text into address bar, firefox open the URL or search text with the default search engine immediately.

For pre-quantum versions, when I drag-and-drop URL or text into address bar, I have chance to modify the URL or search phrase or add special char (^ * # @ etc...) to narrow the search result. On the other hand, if I want to open a URL or the default search engine immediately, I can drag-and-drop the URL or search phrase onto a tab.

I like the old behavior more. Is there any way to turn back the behavior of address bar to the same as pre-quantum versions?

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I understand what you're saying, and I seem to recall that incomplete URLs didn't load immediately, only complete ones. With the greater integration of search into the address bar, I don't know whether you can roll back to the earlier behavior. Maybe someone will discover a setting; nothing leaped out at me in about:config.

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Might be related to this?:

"Added search shortcuts for Top Sites: Amazon and Google appear as Top Sites tiles on the Firefox Home (New Tab) page. When selected these tiles will change focus to the address bar to initiate a search. Currently in US only."

"Resolved an issue that prevented the address bar from auto-filling bookmarked URLs in certain cases."