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firefox sync - two-factor verification fails

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I'm unable to log in to my mozilla account to enable firefox account sync.

WHAT HAPPENS: 1. select firefox account log in option in firefox browser 2. enter username and password 3. the following page states that I will receive an authentication/verification code in my email 4. I receive the verification code in my email 5. I enter the code on the original prompt 6. I receive an error stating my "password" is incorrect.

    Note:  on step #2, if I intentionally enter the wrong password, the browser will immediately skip to #6.

WHAT SHOULD HAPPEN: 1. system should be sending verification numbers that work.

I reinstalled the browser and I'm still unable to log in to my firefox account.

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You would normally run an application on the mobile device that generates a code that you need to enter in the login form. This code is time dependent, so you need to make sure that the mobile device has internet access.

In case of issues try to log in to the Firefox account via this website.

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Hi Cor-el,

The code was automatically sent to my email, and I entered it onto the Firefox form about 10 seconds after receipt. I think it's a problem with Mozilla. Is there a way to notify them off this so that it can be fixed?

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Is this about the confirmation email that is initially send to you by email and not about logging in after you completed the registration?

Did you check this link?

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Hi Cor-el,

No, it's not the confirmation email for a new account (I already have an account).

Here's how I can replicate the issue: 1. Install Firefox on my phone 2. Start the Firefox app 3. Firefox asks if I want to sign in to sync 4. The problem begins...

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Can you access the account via this link?

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I can (from my already-signed-in laptop).

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I reinstalled Chrome today. When prompted to sign in to my account and enable sync I entered and submitted my credentials, and everything immediately worked.

My preference is to stick with Firefox, but when there is a bug there is no way to even reach the development team. It's like they have walled themselves off somewhere. I wish they were interested in improving the browser, but despite Google's privacy issues they are at least responsive to their users.

I'm uninstalling Firefox for now. I hope that one day Mozilla can resolve their internal issues, but a better option might be to go with a browser unrelated to neither Google nor Mozilla.

Take care, James