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Bug report? Why does an additional tab open to, generally, the last site I visited, every time I restart Firefox?

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After turning on the phone and returning to Firefox (Android remembering most of the apps I was previously running) it first takes me to a new tab on the end. It dosn't matter whether I had closed the tab as a not of interest (the site opens back up again) or the tab is still open (a second copy now opens), I am first taken to a new tab that I don't want to see. This is especially bad if I had closed an 'inappropriate' site that a misleading ad took me to and someone else wants to use my browser...

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I strongly recomend that you update your copy of Firefox for Android to make sure you have the latest security and stability updates that may fix this issue. This article will help.

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Thanks for assuming I don't have an up-to-date browser, and need help with figuring out how to let Android automatically update it. It was already pretty much the latest version (62.0.2) and recently did a minor update to 62.0.3. The problem persists.

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Is it the same web page every time? What type of phone do you have, and which version of Android is it running?