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How can I use bookmark folders to replace the actual open websites

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Hello, I would like to have several bookmark folders and replace the actual open websites with one click with the content of one of the bookmark folders. E.g.: When I want to develop, I would like to open just the content of a DEVELOP folder etc. Is this possible? When I clicked on a bookmark folder, it's content where added to the open websites but did not replace it. Thanks, Hans-Hermann

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I haven't used Firefox 63, but in Firefox 62, "Open All in Tabs" adds new tabs rather than replacing the existing ones, as you described. I'm not aware of a setting to change that.

I think the fastest workflow for getting rid of the other tabs would be:

  • right-click the tab up on the tab bar > Close Other Tabs
  • then Open All in Tabs from your bookmarks

That would leave one old tab instead of however many there were a moment before.

Or, if you Shift+click Open All in Tabs, the tabs open in their own new window. Then you could close the entire old window.

Still extra steps...

I there is some magic dev tools way to do this, a good place to ask would be:


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There are items in the Tab bar context menu to close tabs like "Close Tabs to the Right" and "Close Other Tabs".