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Firefox dev edition (flatpak) conflicts normal edition after last update

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After last flatpak update, now I cannot run both versions at once, Checking the profiles I can see how dev edition has overwritten the local dir for normal edition (screenshot attached)

I also can see how an "Old firefox data" has been created in my desktop

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The screenshot didn't attach.

Can you please give it another try?

Is this with updating to Developer Edition 63.0b6 ?

If you have the "Old Firefox Data" folder on the desktop then Firefox performed a refresh and created a new profile. What Firefox version created this new profile?

If Firefox creates a new profile due to a refresh then a time stamp gets appended to the profile name. Note that best is always to use a desktop shortcut that specifies the profile instead of relying on the special feature that the DE makes use its own profile.

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I reattached the screenshot.

The new profile was created by Dev Edition.

I also noticed creating a new "test" profile also uses a Dev Edition local folder.

I solved this (at least for now) by marking as default the normal profile (still local fodlers contains the "dev" word on it)

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Firefox always use two locations for the profile when a profile is created in the default location (i.e. Choose Folder isn't used). The time stamp appended to the name confirms that a reset created this profile (1537016081903 = Sep 15, 2018).

Did you verify in Options/Preferences that the Developer Edition still is set to use its own profile?