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Inbox doesn't update; outgoing e-mail doesn't go out.

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A couple of weeks ago I switched cellfone carriers to MetroGPS (a T-Mobile subsidiary) & was given a new cellfone (LG; probably a Hua-Wei subsidiary). After a few days, the inbox would show "updating" but would never update, & outgoing mail was put in limbo, never sent.

I have been able to send & receive e-mail by installing a Google app, but (a) I have ethical reasons to avoid Google & (b) their inbox is cumbersome & difficult to use.

Any suggestions? Change my e-mail address to Yahoo or another alternative? Dump MetroGPS? Change cellfone?

I feel as if Alphabet has "muscled in" to try to force me back from Firefox to Google. Are there newspaper articles or websites where this kind of behavior is discussed?

Thanks, Liz Opal

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This does not sound like an issue with Firefox for Android, but is something a more general Android forum should be able to help you with.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Bing search finds me multiple Android forums--any idea as to which might be helpful to non-techy me?