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emails do not send out

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Thunderbird does not send out any emails - i double checked the SMTP Server Settings and tried port 465,587. When I hit the send button everything in the mail turns grey but nothing happens. See Picture. Also deleted the profiel completly and reinstalled. Still the same problem :(

Who can I get it working again?

Thank you Jennifer

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no picture!

Please add the troubleshooting information to your post To find the Troubleshooting information:

  • Open Help (or click on three-line-icon and select Help)
  • Choose Troubleshooting Information
  • Use the button Copy to clipboard to select all. Do not check box "Include account names"!
  • Paste this in your post.

Please also add the result of these troubleshooting steps to your post

  • Does Thunderbird work in TB Safe mode (see Thunderbird Safe Mode)?
  • Do you use anti-virus and firewall software? What is the version?