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I can't copy and paste out of quantum.

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Chrome, safari work. Clean install, no extensions. MacOS Sierra. Command+ C/V doesnt work either. Command - X will delete marked content, but not paste.

Grateful for any help!

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Hi LCMRSKSR, you mentioned in the subject line "out of Quantum." To clarify, copy => paste works between different boxes/pages within Firefox, but when you paste to a different application, you get nothing?

Is there any difference between copying plain text (as from this box while you're typing) and HTML (as when you select part of a page)?

Is this a recent problem or have you had it for a long time?

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Hi Jscher,

thanks for the quick reply. I can not copy and paste content that is in firefox into, lets say word. I can not paste into firefox from word. The only thing that works is command + x - it deletes the line in firefox, but I can not paste it. It happened ever since I installed firefox three days ago. No difference for text, html or content.

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Hi LCMRSKSR, when you are in Word, could you check what formats Firefox placed on the clipboard, if any? Here's how:

First, select something in Word and copy it.

Next, select something in Firefox and copy it.

Then back in Word, on the Home section of the ribbon, click the little triangle below the Paste button and choose Paste Special. This should open a dialog showing the available formats on the clipboard.

I expect Firefox to add "Unformatted Text" and "Unformatted Unicode Text" for any textual selection, and also "HTML Format" for text copied from formatted parts of the page. If HTML Format is available, Word prefers it.

Does Word show the expected formats, or does it show a list reflecting what you copied within Word before? Comparison screenshots attached for reference.

If you have content from Firefox, do any formats work?