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When will firefox work with jaws 2018?

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hi, have got jaws 2018, latest update on a toshiba satellite pro 64 bit system c-50-a. now when i use jaws and firefox 61, and when 60 came out, had a few bugs. the freedomscientific engineers could not rectify or reproduce this problem. some times on a certain site http://www.ebroadcast.com.au, jaws links won't come up and have to press 7 or 8 times before it comes up. and if i am on http://www.jw.org and then try to download a mp3, it goes to the desktop. and on http://www.gmail.com, in my spam folder, the first checkbox with the x key, but then have to hit it twice to jump to the next check box and also on http://groups.io, if i try to enter on a link, took me to the desktop. that's why using google chrome. if maybe james the who is the accessibility lead at mozilla to e-mail and try to reproduce the issues. that's why i am using google chrome at the moment. if i download firefox 62, will these issues be fixed. thanks, in australia.

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