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am I being hacked?

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Hello my name is SuperDave. I am having an or think I am being monitored . Computer hacked, spyed on . Or whatever you guys call it for along time and because of the things that happen to my accounts, photos, how and if I can surf the web. Downloading issues. Web and computer over heating proformance. Web site warnings, unable to download or switched of security programs, or looks and says it's working but know it's doing nothing. And when investigated. Shows uninstalled or switched off. Without my knowledge. Been told nothing is wrong but when I go into users . There seems to be like 10 different kinds of people logged in my account. But one feature seems to stick out from the rest. On the bottom screen of Windows there is a task bar. Everyone knows this. But it looks like there is another one behind it. Now is this normal? I thought that if there is one that there might be another hidden screen behind it. And when opening another screen it seems to open 2 instead of one. When I hit back it the same as the one I opened. Am I being paranoid? All so have been warned that I have been open to ransom ware. . I went and bought McAfee and have a two year subscription. And when issues came up I would call and they would help me. But never came out and said I have been hacked. They just seem not to want to tell me. Am I going crazy? Or do I really have a problem. Or is the web just like that these days or what? Please advise me. I have been looking for a simple download to use to check when ever I feel like something's wrong. But get these sites that use lingo. And long pages to read that only a computer geek would understand. Why is this so difficult? Signed SuperDave, think I need to lye down now it's giving me a headache.

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What your asking is beyond this forum to help and you should take it to a computer shop to diagnosis the problem. Were here to help with FF/Mozilla problems not with computer problem or websites issues your having that isn't FF related.