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How can i import bookmarks in new firefox

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Firefox recently updated, and i cannot figure out how to import my bookmarks. The article explaining how to do this has not been updated, as there is no longer an option for "show all bookmarks" to be redirected to the library.

Please assist me.

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Your showing here s version 34 So I have no idea what you are but you should be running version 52.9.0esr for security :

and or the regular release of Firefox which is 61.0.1

If you want the Menu Bar again mouse to the top of the browser to a empty spot and Right Click and then Click Menu Bar, if you want the other Bookmarks Toolbar click it as well.

Or from the 3 Bar Menu down to Customize then down to bottom left of the page to Toolbars, turn on from there.

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The key board command { Ctrl + Shft + B } will open the Library window (where Import for Bookmarks is located) and that has been like that from Firefox 3.0 all the way up thru the current version of Firefox.