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Google maps in Firefox giving incorrect time with driving directions.

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Google maps in Firefox is giving incorrect driving times. Currently I'm in Santa Fe, NM. When I put in an address it shows the correct routes, but the times are way off. ie - a place is only 9 minutes away but Google Maps says its over an hour. Another time I knew the address was 30 minutes away and Google Maps showed it as a 12-hour drive. Safari does not have the same problem, in Safari all the routes and times are correct.

I've deleted cookies, deleted the book mark for Google Maps and started again. Have turned MacBook Air off and back on. Have done restarts.

Any ideas or help appreciated, susan

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Hi Susan, unless all the streets are blocked off for a parade, it's hard to explain!

There are some extra options on the directions, such as avoiding highways, that could affect long-distance travel. There also are mode of transport icons that can affect time, such as using transit instead of your car. I have indicated these in the attached screenshot.

If everything is the same between browsers, I have no idea why the estimated times would be so different.

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please, don't waste your time - or mine with something that is not a fix and just a stupid time eating reply. who has time for this nonsense, not me. please don't reply to a post unless you know something.

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time2sit, please be respectful. This is your only warning. The volunteers here are just that, volunteers, and they don't have to be giving you their help and expertise.

That being said, it sounds like you have walking directions on, not driving directions. Otherwise, it seems like an issue with the website itself.

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Hi Susan, please feel free to post a pair of screenshots showing the different results in the two browsers. Perhaps that will lead to a solution. This article has tips on capturing screenshots: How do I create a screenshot of my problem? Please cut out or blur any sensitive information in the images before attaching them to your reply or uploading them to a sharing service.