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Address bar's autocomplete doesn't work for some sites

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Hi all,

I've got a really weird problem. I love FF's address bar and really frequently use it to go to my favorite sites really quickly. R is immediately autocompleted to say 'reddit.com' so all I have to do is click-R-enter and I'm there. The weird thing is, since a few days ago, the bar doesn't do this for all sites. Just now, I typed in 'map' and maps.google.com shows up in the suggestions as #1, but it doesn't autocomplete to fill it in for me. It used to do that just fine. It's really weird. I've already renamed that json file to reset all settings, but that didn't do anything for me.

Would appreciate any help. I'm on 62.0b5.



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I think it does it for the most enter based on your history and cache. Also don't use beta Browser that should be for testing and bug tracking only.