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upgrade firefox

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Yesterday I, as usual logged into Chase bank, however a popup says my browser is out of date and would NOT let me sign in to Chase until I would update. I clicked to do so and I was told that I need at least win 7.(which I do not like) PLUS my CPU must have SSE2. I am using Win XP and my CPU only has SSE. I have two computers and five hard drives.What ever Win sys I chose it will require that I buy a separate licensed copy for each hard drive.. Plus I need a NEW computer! PLEASE ADVISE WHAT ALTERNATE I HAVE LINUX? Please reply quickly as I must pay my bills in Chase bill pay now. Thank you Dick

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Fred do note the OP said the CPU being used does not support SSE2.

This means for Windows Firefox 48.0.2 Release and the more current 45.9.0 ESR were the last as 49.0 and later on Windows required CPU's that supported SSE2.

Actually using a light 32-bit Linux distro will allow you to use a more current version as in Firefox 52 ESR. Firefox on Linux dropped support of the old CPU's that did not support SSE2 as of Fx 53.0 and later.