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I ve imported my bookmark from Chrome. How can access it in "cascade" way, the same method that has already existed in other firefox versions?

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I couldnt find the bookmark i ve imported from chrome. It was simple in the previous versions of firefox. It was in a cascade style - you organize your sites in folders and them access them through a bottom/icon on the top of the open browser.

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Hi, there are several different ways to get to bookmarks but by the sound of it you are looking for the Bookmarks Menu.

Please mouse to the top of the browser and Right Click in a empty spot and place a Tick in the Box for Menu Bar and if you use to use the Bookmark Toolbar enable it also so can drag and drop URL's to it or folders.

Can get to this from the 3 Bar Menu ==> Customize --> Bottom of the page Tool Bars.


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You can add the "Bookmarks Menu" button that shows the bookmarks in a drop-down list to the Navigation Toolbar via these steps:

  • click the bookshelf 57 library icon icon on the Navigation Toolbar or alternatively use the Library menu in the "3-bar" Firefox menu button New Fx Menu drop-down list
  • click Bookmarks
  • click "Bookmarking Tools", then click "Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar"
The Bookmark Menu button Bookmark Menu icon (star on tray) should appear on the Navigation Toolbar.

You can also drag the Bookmarks Menu button from the Customize palette to the Navigation Toolbar

See also "How do I add the Bookmarks Menu button to the toolbar?":