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the bookmark star has disappeared from firefox

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The "star" for bookmarking a page has disappeared from the tool bar/address bar on firefox for Android overnight. How do I get it back? I have ppages that I bookmarked (still shown under 'Bookmarks'), but I can no longer create any new ones because the star icon is gone. Any body else have this problem?

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You should see the bookmark star in the Firefox for Android settings menu, it should be right at the top.

We keep the design of Firefox for Android under review and this may have been moved to make more space on the screen (especially for mobile phones).

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I 've been using Mozilla products for 15+ years and I know where the "Bookmark" star should be but it is not there any more, and that is the problem. This happened on a Samsung tablet that I have been using for about 8 months. There is no option to bookmark this page anywhere in the dropdown menu (three dots to the right of where the srar used to be). On closer review all but 1 of my old bookmarks have disappeared also. I have never synced my bookmarks to any other device, but the past few days either google or firefox has been asking permission to use my camera to take pictures and use my mic to record audio. Could be a virus or the NSA or ???