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Context menu options is in the way of the cursor

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When the context menu is show at the very right edge of the browser, it will get on the way of the cursor, causing to click the pointed option on mouse-up event.

Please see this short demo. https://youtu.be/z2BV7Cmy30Y


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Is this a new problem in a recent Nightly update?

(I'm having trouble replicating this on Firefox 59/Windows because my resolution allows the menu to appear away from the mouse pointer.)

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Nope, been experiencing that for a few months, but I just ignored it.

I think, the context menu should pop-up on the left side of the cursor, if the cursor is on the far right side of the browser. like midori does https://youtu.be/xSbeIXojSj0

Sorry for the screencast, it hard to take print screen while the context menu is on.

btw I attached my screen resolution.


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Note that you can use the Browser Toolbox to freeze a content menu (disable popup auto-hide).

If I make the window very small and position the window at the edge of the screen then the context menu opens above or below the clicked position, just like I would expect, with the cursor at the top border of the context menu. I don't know why the context menu has to be that big in Nightly (density doesn't seem to affect this).

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It look like it will just happen in certain position, somewhere middle-right.


also tried it on ff 59 stable.