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Opening links in apps in Firefox for Android

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I keep fighting apps on my Android devices to get links to open in Firefox. Please update the instructions here with guided for doing this in Facebook, Google Now, etc.

For Facebook, tap settings three-line menu, tap App Settings, and enable "Links open externally "

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If you long press on the link in the other application you should be presented with the option to open the link in your browser.

If Firefox for Android is not the default browser:

  1. Open the Android settings app
  2. Select Applications
  3. Scroll down to other browsers on your device, open that choice and Clear Defaults.

When you next select a link, Firefox for Android will be offered as a choice.

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Seburo while that is true on a system level, just about every major app these days ships with built in 'web browser' and has a setting that users need to find and turn off if the user wants the app to respect their global preferences. Facebook, Gmail, YouTube, etc. all have this setting.