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Hello, I wiped my computer in November and my bookmarks have disappeared. I followed recovery advice in forums but the tabs that open are empty

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I wiped my laptop in November because I had a virus and my Firefox bookmarks have disappeared. I have followed the recovery advice given in Forums and have found lots of Firefox folders in my computer, including JSON files, but when they open in Firefox the tabs are empty. I had wiped my laptop two months before, in September, and my bookmarks were all there when I reset the system so I'm upset that this has happened. I've changed laptops in the past and wiped the system and this is the first time I have ever lost my bookmarks.

I'm really hoping someone can help me recover them.

Please note I am not a technical person so please make the advice as easy as possible for me to understand.

Thank you.

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Wipping a computer clean will do just that wipe clean everything. If you didn't backup or go into safemode with networking and backup your bookmarks then everything will be gone. The second half of what you did most likely wasn't a wipe but a restore to last working image and had bookmarks still saved. And did you save the bookmark on the second restore that you did? If you didn't backup bookmarks in either scenario there is nothing that can be done. Only chance was if the Sept. you backup your bookmark you would have them still but if you backup the bookmark on the same computer you Wiped Cleaned then that would be gone as well. Now if you saved it to a USB memory stick for the bookmark you could import it back into FF and use it again. But this is if you did this. But from what you said there was no backup thus when you did the complete Wipe reinstall everything went back to Factory install and nothing is there anymore is what happens.