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Can't get Firefox main display to open plus didn't get e-mail to reset password. Help!

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Yesterday 2/22/18 when I click on the Firefox icon it doesn't seem to find the web page and then it times out. So I did a refresh of firefox and that got me in trouble. So I said download firefox and I can't get the web page correctly and I seem to have lost all of my saved benchmarks. Help!

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Hi Hubbell, what page is your Firefox trying to load at startup? It seems you could access this site, but not some other sites. Is there any pattern to it?

Your bookmarks should be migrated during Refresh. You shouldn't lose them.

It is normal for these not to display by default:

  • Bookmarks Toolbar
  • Bookmarks Menu button on the toolbar

To add those back:


Choose any of these methods to show the toolbar list and select the bar there:

  • right-click (on Mac Ctrl+click) a blank spot on the tab bar (or the "+" button)
  • (menu bar) View > Toolbars
    On Windows, tap the Alt key to activate the menu bar temporarily.
  • in Customize mode > Show/Hide Toolbars (see: Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars)

Menu button


(A) Use the Customize panel (Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars) to drag the icon to the desired spot on the toolbar

(B) Use the method from Bookmarks in Firefox - section entitled: How do I add the Bookmarks Menu button to the toolbar?

  • Click the "Library" button:
  • Click "Bookmarks"
  • Click "Bookmarking Tools"
  • Click "Add Bookmarks Menu to Toolbar"

If the bookmarks are missing everywhere you look, you might need to try restoring a bookmark backup.

However, first I suggest exiting out of Firefox normally (using the menu) and starting Firefox back up again in case there is a transient file permission error. In some cases, you may need to shut down and restart Windows to resolve file lock and erroneous permission issues.

Once you rule that out, see this article for how to restore a bookmark backup:

Restore bookmarks from backup or move them to another computer