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Before Quantum I could put Podcasts on the top bar. After Quantum I cannot. Why not?

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Please can someone help with this issue.

My Podcasts USED to be on the top bar, easy to just click and open. In Quantum I cannot find them, they do not show on the top bar also NASA image of the day used to be on the top bar, again easy to open, now I cannot find them.
Please can someone help?

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Giving it one more shot :

Would you consider this add-on (I've mentioned this add-on before, along with an add-on called 'Brief', but the latter I've heard some bad things about since then .... ) :


Recommended this add-on to somebody else, who says it works like a
charm - worth a try, unless somebody else comes up with a
better idea ......

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Happy 112 : Thank you for your suggestion. I had a look at Feedbro but the reviews show up a number of problems. Did you see the post I put up about the experiment I conducted? Out of four websites only Wikepedia enabled the 'Subscribe to this page' option, even though we know that the others, BBC, NASA, Radio NZ, offer RSS feeds/podcasts. Why can Wikepedia do it and the others not?

Why should I have to download programs/apps that enable me to use RSS feeds when it all worked perfectly before Quantum? There is certainly something wrong with the programming in Quantum OR the set up on my computer. Somewhere there is a 'TWEEK' that will fix this. Kind regards, Bariss.
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I wish I knew the answer to your question, but I don't ....... (sorry  !)

Again : keeping my fingers crossed that somebody else will come to your rescue .....

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clangerx said

Out of four websites only Wikepedia enabled the 'Subscribe to this page' option, even though we know that the others, BBC, NASA, Radio NZ, offer RSS feeds/podcasts. Why can Wikepedia do it and the others not?

Firefox isn't searching the whole site to determine whether feeds are available. Instead, it enables that menu item if the current web page lists the address to the feed in a particular way. On this support page, for example, the code in the page that lets Firefox enable the menu command is:

<link rel="alternate" type="application/atom+xml" href="/en-US/questions/1205746/feed" title="Recent answers to Before Quantum I could put Podcasts on the top bar. After Quantum I cannot. Why not?"/>

clangerx said

I opened Bookmarks ... click NASA Image of the day and a list opened up of all the Image of the Day for the last two years. I clicked the latest and it went to the NASA website, normally it just opens as an RSS feed or podcast on my computer without going to the website.

Okay, I see that feed here: https://www.nasa.gov/rss/dyn/lg_image_of_the_day.rss

When you add the feed to Firefox as a Live Bookmark, and click a link to a story or directly to an image, Firefox is going to display the page or image in a tab. Web pages, images (and even PDFs) are types of content Firefox normally handles itself.

If you want to use a feed reader that grabs the content off the internet and stores it locally and displays it outside of Firefox, either you need to "subscribe" to the feed using an external program or perhaps using an add-on. The Live Bookmarks feature doesn't do that.

If Firefox doesn't present the option to use other feed readers when you open/subscribe, you can change the setting here:

  • Windows: "3-bar" menu button (or Tools menu) > Options
  • Mac: "3-bar" menu button (or Firefox menu) > Preferences
  • Linux: "3-bar" menu button (or Edit menu) > Preferences
  • Any system: type or paste about:preferences into the address bar and press Enter/Return to load it

Scroll down to the Applications section, and there should be a two-column box of content types and associated actions. If you type feed in the search bar above the box, Firefox should show the current setting for Web Feeds. You can choose a different program on your system, or you can reset it back to Preview in Firefox to see the choices every time.

Note: This list may change if you install an add-on feed reader.

When this thread started, there was some speculation that one of your older extensions was handling all of this, and that still sounds like the most likely situation. I just don't know if there is a compatible update or replacement for it.

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I followed your instructions to go to options : Applications : the setting for web feeds was live bookmarks : I changed it to Preview in Firefox and nothing happened, Where are the choices supposed to show themselves? I do not want to use a feed reader. I assumed that Firefox was doing what you allude to in the above, handling the feeds itself. I am still left at the same place, the podcast icon on the navigation bar changes for this forum site and for Wikipedia but not the others. I tried different pages in the BBC web site and printed off their 9 page set of instructions for news feeds, they say " Firefox automatically checks for feeds...and displays the orange RSS icon when they find one..many of them allow you to add the feeds as..a bookmark folder..auto updating them... This is not happening. There must be some way of adjust...the instructions to make them all work together, Kind regards, Bariss.

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If you click items that show in a live feed list then you go to a specific page on that website to view this article. I've never used podcasts, so I don't know if that would work differently and that you are not offered to download and save a media file directly or that Firefox uses the HTML5 media player.

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Big question (still) is : why did clangerx have no problems before Quantum (see first and second post in this thread)  ?

Extensions can't be the problem (see page three in this thread).

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cor-el : Please let me explain : On the firefox I was using before Quantum all I had to do was be on a website, say BBC magazine, it told me that I could subscribe to a podcast so I did. I closed the site and when I looked at the navigation bar an orange podcast icon was sitting there with BBC magazine adjacent to it. All I had to do was click the icon and it would open with all the up to date feeds sitting there. I Did not have to go to BBC. SIMPLE! When I first read the info; from the BBC about news feeds it mentioned web based news readers so I checked the Start pane, this was AFTER Quantum was installed, lo and behold there was a web reader! I opened it and a box was there saying it was not compatible with Quantum. I had never seen the web reader before..... Kind regards, Bariss.

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What you describe is that you have the Bookmarks Toolbar visible with a live feed bookmark on that toolbar. If you click this button then a drop-down list opens that shows all the current items of this feed.

You earlier posted a screenshot that shows this from the Bookmarks Menu drop-down list, but that screenshot shows that you do not have the Bookmarks Toolbar visible.

Did you already enable the Bookmarks Toolbar?

Open the Customize window and set what toolbars (Show/Hide Toolbars) and toolbar items to display.

  • Right-click empty toolbar area -> Customize
  • "3-bar" menu button -> Customize
  • View -> Toolbars
    *you can tap the Alt key or press the F10 key to show the hidden Menu Bar temporarily
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Cor-el : I have the 'Show your bookmarks' icon on the navigation bar. When I click this Icon the bookmarks list opens with all the choices for sidebar, toolbar etc, and I can navigate all over bookmarks. It is enabled. I will endeavor to take a screenshot to show you. It appears to have worked. Kind regards, Bariss.

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cor-el : please find below another screenshot : it was taken in the NASA podcast page ,please note that the podcast icon on the navigation bar is NOT darkened indicating it does not recognize the web page as a RSS feed/podcast page, yet I am given the choice of subscribing or not.... Why does this happen? If I subscribe I will find it in Live bookmarks on my computer but because the podcast Icon was not darkened it will not be a Podcast as such, just a way of connecting back to NASA......Making the whole exercise of subscribing to an RSS feed a waste of time.

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clangerx said

If I subscribe I will find it in Live bookmarks on my computer but because the podcast Icon was not darkened it will not be a Podcast as such, just a way of connecting back to NASA......Making the whole exercise of subscribing to an RSS feed a waste of time.

Firefox doesn't have a podcast icon.

An RSS feed is a list of links. A Live Bookmark is an RSS feed that Firefox checks for updates from time to time.

Firefox opens links from the RSS feed in a Firefox tab. That could the NASA page for image of the day, or it could be the image itself. I don't know if NASA has a podcast (periodic audio recording), but if it does, Firefox would probably play that in a tab, too, unless the site triggers a download.

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jscher2000 : Sorry but I am getting confused...you say Firefox does not have a podcast icon. I found the podcast icon in the Customize folder on the 3 bar menu and followed directions to drag it into the navigation bar. According to the BBC instructions the icon should darken when on a page that has RSS feeds but it does it on some and not others. All I know for a certainty is that I used to be able to subscribe to a RSS feed/podcast and it would appear on the navigation bar, I actually had four of them at one stage, all from different sites and I would get podcasts every day without going to the website. I can no longer do this. I also have another issue now as my Eset security no longer works properly and they tell me it is because of Quantum. Kind regards, Bariss.

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I think you added the "Subscribe" icon for RSS feeds. A podcast is a particular kind of content (usually an audio recording), while an RSS feed can link to a wide variety of content.

It sounds like you previously had an add-on which created individual toolbar buttons for specific RSS feeds; the subscribe button is only what it is, and can't replace those individual feed buttons (it will add feeds to your bookmarks).

What's gone wrong with ESET?

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Normally it is very fast indeed but now when I connect to do banking it refuses to load properly. The techies in Auckland have said they are experiencing problems since Quantum so it is not just me it appears to be quite widespread. They are usually very quick at dealing with issues, very efficient...so I guess time will tell... This issue with podcasts/ RSS feeds... I think we had better call it a day as I am getting a sense of frustration, I know what I had and as far as I am aware there was no add-on, I just assumed it was part of the Firefox program...Obviously not...thank you all for your help, Kind regards, Bariss.

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This is a NASA page that has some links on the page including to create a feed item, but doesn't offer these feeds via the Subscribe icon like this forum page does.

Each link in this feed opens a NASA page that has a listen button at the top of the page to listen to an MP3 file.

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Cor-el : Please, where is the button at the top of the pages on the Nasa web site??????? What I see on the left of the page, your link, is a list as follows : Apps, Podcasts, E-books, Audio and Ringtones and RSS Feeds. The Podcasts page has the ICON at every subject. The RSS Feeds page has a statement at the bottom of the page saying that Firefox has a built in RSS feed reader that automatically downloads and interprets the feed. At least that is how I read the info. THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN. Before Quantum It was simple. After Quantum it is a NIGHTMARE because whatever I do, whether it is a Podcast or an RSS feed when I click to open it takes me back to the website. IT DOES NOT WORK. Sorry but I am getting.......Please all of you stop this. I wish I had never asked the question. GO AWAY.

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Just stop responding to answers that are posted here!

No need to be rude to those people people who are trying to help you.

locking this thread due to cause

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