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Problem with Pixibay post update to 58.0.1

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Updated to 58.0.1 and now Pixibay website is disfunctional. Keep getting 404 Not Found error, photos load extremely slow. The update broke this website somehow. The site is working beautifully on Edge, was working perfectly with 58.0, but not anymore. The site is now intermittent, some pages will load on search fully, others not all photos will load, sometimes can select a photo ok, other times get this 404 Not Found, try again later, it'll work. Very strange.

Tried restarting without addons, cleared all cache and history, cookies, etc. Even performed a refresh, issue remains.

Anyone else having this issue, or have a possible resolution?

Thanks in advance!

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Some of these pictures are humorous: https://pixabay.com/en/acdc-tux-inkscape-vector-penguin-1625958/

But I digress.

Does it work any better to try opening images pages one of these ways:

  • right-click > Open Link in New Tab
  • right-click > Open Link in New Window
  • right-click > Open Link in New Private Window
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No, it won't even let me get past the login page, as it goes straight to the 404 Not Found page. Tested on a system that still has 56.0.2 on it, and it works fine there.

At first, it wouldn't even let me see the login page, but cleared cache, history, etc, and finally was able to get to the login page, but as soon as I tried logging in, it went to the 404 page. Tried doing a search without logging in, same result.

Don't believe it's an extension issue, as it was working with 58.0, same extensions, until the 58.0.1 update.

Was able to finally get into their forum, seems others having this problem since this last Firefox update as well.

So, something in the last update to 58.0.1 broke the site.

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I didn't try logging in, so perhaps that's why I didn't see a problem.

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It appears Pixabay is working the problem, as we just tried logging in and tested a couple of pages and it seems to be working ok atm. We will test again later, on another system with 58.0.1 to see how things are there.

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