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When firefox updates, it changes my settings.

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Our large organization uses material played by Shockwave Flash on its website to send material to everyone.

Every time Firefox updates, it changes the setting back to "Ask to Activate". But it never actually asks when the page opens. The button to play the material acts as thought the recording in it is empty. But it works on any machine set to "Always Activate"

Then the manager gets mad, because he has to send a computer tech around to everyone's computer to change the settings from "Ask to Activate" to "Always Activate". A few of us know what to do, but the rest have to wait for the tech.

Don't change the settings when updating! We have it set the way we need it. Leave it alone.

The computer I am using now is not one of the affected computers.

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This is a IT Dept. Issue not a Mozilla Firefox Issue.

Sorry that is what happens though in a forced update for everyone and that is the default.

This should be posted by your IT people and in the right place. Not here.

Also your IT people should be aware of this and have scheduled a mass update on the weekend and changed all computers to act as you want.

Not a Firefox Issue. Running Version 52 is also a Security risk and your IT people should know this and have everyone on the proper releases for a organization if running versions that low.

If they do not know how to they can google :

Have your manager read this.

This is a IT Dept. Issue not a Mozilla Firefox Issue.

Please let us know if this solved your issue or if need further assistance.

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This is exactly the "IT'S YOUR FAULT" answer I expected. You should not be forcing your settings on us.

The manager is more likely to turn off updates than he is to keep sending workers around to change the settings back after each update. It costs man-hours to do this every update. Everyone is sick of the upgrade and update frenzy in the computer industry that is ruining our work.

Why can't they leave everything the same???? I know. They want to make people replace what they have by forcing them to buy new so they can make more money, I call it a scam.

Every computer has the latest updates it will take. Your demand that everything be running Windows 10 and the latest versions is not going to happen. We have hundreds of thousands of dollars of special hardware that won't run on anything newer than Windows XP.

If we could have our wish, it would be illegal to discontinue older software and support for it. It costs an exorbitant amount to replace already expensive hardware. They should be required to buy us the new hardware if the take away software that works with the old hardware,

And even then, they couldn't buy it for us. The company that makes the hardware we use is telling us to keep XP as long as we can, because they can't develop new hardware as fast as Microsoft changes operating systems. They can't get it to work with anything newer than Windows 7, and that version isn't ready yet. The last successful change they made was from DOS 6.22 to Windows XP. When DOS was in use, the upgrades didn't affect the hardware.

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Maybe use a mozilla.cfg file set set plugin.state.flash to 2 ("Always Activate").

pref("plugin.state.flash", 2);

You can use the mozilla.cfg file in the Firefox program folder to set or lock preferences and run privileged JavaScript code.

The mozilla.cfg file needs to be in the main Firefox program folder.

These functions can be used in the mozilla.cfg file:

defaultPref();	// set new default value
pref();	// set pref, allow changes in current session
lockPref();	// lock pref, disallow changes

This requires a local-settings.js file in the "defaults/pref" folder where the channel-prefs.js file is located that specifies to use mozilla.cfg.

pref("general.config.filename", "mozilla.cfg");
pref("general.config.obscure_value", 0);

The mozilla.cfg and local-settings.js files need to start with a comment line (//).

See Configuration: