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Firefox clear history deleted saved downloads

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I am using Ubuntu.

I have just cleared all history in firefox. I ticket most the boxes for the types of stuff to clear.

As I did this firefox deleted a week's worth of saved and completed downloads from my downloads folder.

How the hell has this just happened and how do I get my files back?

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Screen shot of your setting there? I have Win and never had that issue with FF doing that. Are you sure on the settings?

Изменено WestEnd

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That is because downloads are considered as history, so be cautious with clearing history. Since there is no backup of the history, you can't recover from this unless you have a backup of places.sqlite (bookmarks and history).

Firefox manages downloads in the Downloads folder in the Library (History -> Show All History)

  • downloads are treated as history items: clearing history removes included download items and vice versa.
  • the Download button gets a blue highlight once all downloads are finished to make you aware that new downloads are available.
  • features like Pause and Resume are available if you right-click an item

Firefox 57+ auto-hides the download button on the Navigation Toolbar by default. You can open the customize window and click the download icon to toggle the auto-hide setting.

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That is very unintuitive, even to an IT worker. This is a bad design and needs to be changed.

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Also it is possible to get deleted files back using a Linux command line utility called extundelete (at least for ext4 filesystems anyway... )