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Get rid "Recommended by Pocket"?

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On my android phone, Firefox updated. Now under top sites, there is a section called "Recommended by Pocket". How do I take this off/disable it?

It is really bothering me a lot, I do not want to see this. I looked through the settings but couldn't find anything.

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hi, you can adjust that when you go to settings > general > home > top sites.

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hi, you can adjust that when you go to settings > general > home > top sites.

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Already my new Firefox messed up all the content of my shortcut bar! I also DISLIKE very much the unending Pocket thumbnails. I want to disable the Pocket in full I want a clean screen! How do I do that? I don't use Firefox for it to look like Chrome!

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Remove Pocket Recommendations from the New Tab

If you prefer to not see Pocket Recommendations on your Firefox new tab, you can hide them. Here’s how:

Firefox for Windows, Mac and Linux

  • Click the New Tab Preferences gear icon at the top right corner of your New Tab Page
  • Uncheck Recommended by Pocket

Firefox for Android

  • Tap the overflow menu at the top right corner, and then tap Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Home
  • Tap Top Sites
  • Turn off Recommended by Pocket

Firefox for iOS

  • Open the menu at the bottom right corner, and tap Settings
  • Tap New Tab
  • Turn off Recommended by Pocket

Note: Pocket Recommendations on the Firefox new tab are currently available in the U.S., Canada, and Germany.

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I already have the pocket BS un-selected, yet I still get the notifications; it appears the only option to stop the spam (and that is what it is) is to un-install FireFox