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Firefox crashes

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Firefox 55.0.3 (64 bit) on Windows 10 crashes continually, has been getting worse for a few weeks.

Have turned off hardware acceleration, have run long RAM tests (passed all tests), have disabled all add ons, have tried safe mode.

driving me crazy. Often have to use hmrc login


and immediately it crashes, restore tabs may work and display page or may crash again immediately. Then may crash at any time.

Happens on many web sites.

When it crashes it crashes all running Firefox windows

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hello, could you provide your latest few submitted crash reports? please enter about:crashes into the location bar, copy the latest few report ids from there starting with bp- & paste them here into a forum reply. this will give us a better understanding what may be triggering those crashes.

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89c24f3d-9e26-4409-8c7f-123b60170927 4464b912-9c06-440f-9c4f-44e140170926 0f695b05-ee98-45b6-9264-9573e0170926 77659db9-b34f-41db-8a8e-171600170926



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thanks max, i think firefox 56 which is due to be released tomorrow should contain a fix for this type of crash...

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Ill let you know.