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The browaer continues to show the insecure connection warning on start up and at random times while browsing, typically when trying to complete payment transact

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Browser continually starts with the "insecure connection screen" rather than homepage, then randomly while browsing especially if using links or making payments.

Have done updates and other suggestions to fix it, however if it continues am just going to delet it and go use chrome

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Sorry to hear about the hassle. Let's start with your home page, which I assume is the page that is trying to display at startup. You can launch it again by opening a new window (Ctrl+n) or clicking the house icon on the toolbar. Does the error page have an "Advanced" button? If so, please click that button and copy/paste the more detailed error information from that section of the page into a reply. Part of that may be the error code discussed in the following article:

How to troubleshoot security error codes on secure websites