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override page colors button firefox 57+

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I have pinned about:preferences#content to access Colors and switch between Always or Never but a toolbar button would be much better.

There are a few addons related to this like https://addons.mozilla.org/bg/firefox/addon/toggledocumentcolors-198916/ but after firefox 57 is released they would probably not work and most of them are too complicated.

Is it even possible to write a simple addon using web extensions for a toolbar button to simply switch between the colors defined in Prefences > Colors and the default web page colors?

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You can look at this extension:

Toggle Website Colors:

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cor-el said

You can look at this extension: Toggle Website Colors:

yes i have looked at the available addons. this one appears to make background white and text black, it does not use the browser defined colors

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I don't think that it is possible to use the settings as set via Options/Preferences because a You're WebExtension doesn't have access to prefs. You would have to modify the extension and have it signed on the Add-ons website under a different ID.

See also this thread by the creator of the extension:

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Maybe this extension works better:

Both extensions inject a CSS file on web pages, but have a different approach if you check their background.js file and their CSS file.