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How do I make FF open with the view set at less than 100%?

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I want to have Firefox open ALL tabs at less than 100%. I'm not sure what the final setting would be, but I suspect that 70-85% will be about right for the laptop that I am using.

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Do you mean the zoom level of the page? You can use an extension to set a lower "default" zoom level that will apply to pages until you customize them to something else. Here's one example:


Actually, your Firefox is very old, so that one might not run. You could try the older version:


Your Firefox identified itself to the forum as version 44. An update is available: this article describes how to get Firefox 53 using the "About Firefox" dialog on the help menu: Update Firefox to the latest release.

If you require plugins other than Flash, there is an Extended Support Release you can install instead.

If something is holding you back from upgrading to Firefox 53, please let us know so we can suggest solutions or workarounds. Version 44 is not secure; Mozilla discloses security flaws after each new release.

Sometimes Firefox reports the wrong version because that information was saved in a preferences file. In that case, you may need to clear out that incorrect information. See: How to reset the default user agent on Firefox.

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