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Can't restore from session from recovery files

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Very often of late, the only way I can restore my previous session is to use the method of renaming recovery.js or recovery.bak to sessionstore.js. The problem is that, for whatever reason, this has only worked with a recovery.js from a day or two earlier. I've not been able to restore from a recovery file dating to when the session unsuccessfully opened to a blank tab, even if the file is the identical size to the earlier ones.

Right now I have a bak and js file that are both very large - obviously containing the information to my last session - but they date to last unsuccessful open to a blank tab, and will not work.

Any help is appreciated.

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It is possible that the file is corrupted.

Did you check "History -> Recently Closed Tabs/Windows"?

You can try to extract links from the file. You can look at this MozillaZine forum thread about inspecting a sessionstore file and extracting URLs.