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Used to be user friendly (it was minimal, flexible, and user-friendly for ACTUAL USERS!) when'd you start pandering to the CONSUMER CATTLE and why?

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Holy @#$*! I intended to make (somewhat)useful, direct contact with actual developers! Expected at least a direct submission to "technical support (ha!)" after jumping all these hoops, but a $%#@#$ SUPPORT FORUM!!! I just joined your $%#@sucking COMMUNITY???

I don't want "volunteers", who I guarantee are definitely NOT "users like me"! I want interested, serious, skilled developers from any and every related tech sector; creating the decisive, open-source, client-side web application! Selling-out... it doesn't get any better than this.

(like I'm much better-I'll never bother checking to see if I get any response)

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They don't hang around here. Once in a while someone Might stop by.

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Locking this thread as it doesn't involve an actual support question.